A Post-Secondary Educational Experience

New America College is a post-secondary English Language Acquisition institute. We welcome students from all over the world. Our classrooms have hosted students from Latin America, South America, East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. The NAC ELA faculty is specially trained and fully qualified to determine and respond to the language learning needs of non-native English speakers. We have designed our courses and curriculum to help students reach a high level of English language proficiency appropriate for college/university and work. Our expectation is that our students will go on to further academic or career successes. Many students have used their NAC education to assist them in enrolling in colleges and universities. Our students have successfully passed TOEFL exams and entered colleges or universities in order to further their education and pursue degrees.


NAC offers morning and evening classes in English Language Acquisition (ELA), TOEFL Preparation, Business English, University Preparation, English for Healthcare, and American Culture and Conversation.

• Level 1 (Low Beginner)
• Level 2 (High Beginner)
• Level 3 (Low Intermediate)
• Level 4 (High Intermediate)
• Level 5 (Low Advanced)
• Level 6 (Advanced )

University Preparation

Business English Program
NAC offers a four-month Business English program in the morning and evening. Students will receive a certificate when they complete all four months of the program.

American Culture and Conversation
NAC offers a part-time, pass/fail American Culture and Conversation class. Students will receive a certificate when they pass the class.

English for Healthcare
NAC offers a part-time English for Healthcare program. The program consists of four modules; students can take the modules in any order and will receive a certificate for each module completed.

Non-Certificate Program
TOEFL Test Preparation Program

• TOEFL(Testing of English as a Foreign Language)


• We serve students learning English in all levels, Beginner to Advanced
• We serve international and F1 visa students as well as resident immigrants
• We provide certification in English language proficiency and fluency to help ensure students are prepared for higher level academic studies or employment opportunities