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New America College (NAC) believes English language education is the key to success in America. The College is dedicated to helping students learn and prepare for a future in advanced academics and the job market. Individual attention and a stimulating environment are key elements to our students’ success. New America College believes in combining many different teaching approaches in order to help students learn. We begin with the belief that all of our students come into the classroom with preexisting knowledge that contributes to the learning process, whether this is linguistic or lived experiences. We make an attempt to discover and use this knowledge by assessing our students’ linguistic knowledge and personal experiences. We then encourage them to capitalize on their strengths and experiences in order to develop their English abilities. We use a whole language approach to language instruction by incorporating oral and written language skills into activities that encourage social interaction and are personally meaningful to our students. At NAC, we encourage individual creativity throughout the learning process. Creativity is an important aspect of writing and speaking and helps to facilitate meaning. Most students want to communicate better in English. If this is one of your goals, it is important to study a balance of the four major skills. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the main skills you need to communicate in any language. At NAC, our instructors help students learn and perfect the four skills necessary for complete communication.