NAC a great place to learn English

Being in the United States requires language and people skills. New America College is a big family with teachers and students that will help you develop both. Classes are taught by a professional team of experts that will guide you through the learning process regardless of your level of English. School projects will not only develop presentation and communication skills but also enrich your knowledge about the traditions and customs of the United States and around the world. Comfortable hours of classes will provide flexibility for future students. For those who are interested TOEFL classes are available with individual attention to every student

I’ve been a student In New America College for almost a semester now, so far I have had a positive experience: everybody welcomed me and I’ve already made a lot of friends from my country and countries around the world. My English improved and I feel more comfortable addressing large crowds of people and native speakers. New America College is a great place to learn improve or develop any skills, meet new people and prepare your future in United States.

Roman from Ukraine

New America College helps you succeed and be ready for University

Studying in the US for international students might be really difficult because their language is not English. Most of the international students are from the countries where English is just a fantasy and the their knowledge about English might be inadequate to pursue their higher education here in America. From my personal experience, professors in universities other than New America College give no extra attention to the international students like me. We can’t understand what professors say, nor can we take any notes. Our studies are jeopardized. SO, in this case, students get lost and see no solution. They think that their trip to the US is over and they plan to return to their home. But, every problem has its solution. International students can take help of ESL colleges such as New America College as the bridge to the university. They make you proficient in English and able to read, write, listen and speak properly and fluently.

In this imperfect world, problems never leave humans. When it comes to choose ESL colleges, it is harder than biting an iron sandwich. With so many so called good colleges, students get confused. It is really hard to choose a good school because a slight mistake in your decision can change your life forever. I also got confused in choosing the right college. I did a lot of research and visited a lot of colleges. Some were not feasible because of transportation due to their location, some were not feasible because of their fees, some gave more importance to quantity of students than the quality they give to them. I even encounter some college where I just have to go and get admission and never have to attend college.

I continued my search for a good college and one day I came to New America College. I thought that it will be another piece of junk that I had encountered in the past. But when they told me that attendance matters than my monthly payment, I got convinced that I am in the right place. The teaching way of Suzanne brought a lot of change in me. I improved my listening skills and now I am ready to go to university.

This has all been possible in short time because of New America College and if somebody ask me about the good English school in town, I will proudly say New America College.

Shailesh from Nepal