Additional Resources

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Rosetta Stone ®

This award-winning program correlates to state and national standards and brings the very best language-learning solutions to our students.

Group and Private Tutoring

Free group tutoring is available for all students every Friday from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Academic Advice and Counseling

Academic Advising at New America College is an on-going, educational partnership dedicated to student academic success. You can always count on your academic adviser to give you accurate and complete information about your educational requirements and refer you to the appropriate source for the information you need to be a successful student. Your adviser is knowledgeable about our programs and policies and can help you learn to make decisions about your college experience. Your adviser can help you investigate programs and can be of assistance to you if you experience academic difficulty. Your academic adviser cares about your success and about you as a person.

ELA Computer Laboratories

Students have access to multiple ELA computer labs located in the school building. All computers are connected to the Internet and are equipped with headsets. Current students may use these facilities free of charge anytime during class hours.

Reference Libraries

Libraries of ELA reference materials available for student use are located on the fourth floor in the Dean’s Office, College library, and in the Central Office for Instructors. The Dean and our instructors will be happy to assist students interested in utilizing the reference materials.


Officially signed and sealed Permanent Records are issued on a monthly basis. Copies of these records are also available upon request. New America College certificates are presented by the Dean to students who have successfully completed a level and/or program.

Student Lounges

Located on the fourth and fifth floors, the Student Lounges are comfortable areas open to students for gathering, studying, and relaxing between classes. Coffee and tea are provided free of charge. The lounges are equipped with vending machines, comfortable furniture, program information and schedules, board and table games, magazines, and books. The lounges also hosts student events such as the International Food Festival, End of Year Draw, Student Awards Ceremonies, and other departmental events.